Grow beyond your limits.
Eden vertical farm allows you to grow veggies for restaurants, communities or your own consumption.

Eden is a community-centric vertical farm that uses natural light and LEDs to produce farm-to-table crops all year long. Leveraging Controlled Environment Agriculture, we transform underused spaces into vertical farms that grow fresh, delicious & healthy produce for communities, farmers and businesses.

Whether you want to transform urban spaces into food growing hubs, have a climate-resilient supply chain for your veggies, revitalise rural areas or host sustainable events, vertical farming with Raiz opens a wide range of opportunities, while making a positive impact.

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Empowering you to grow food everywhere
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Cash-flow positive

With lower operational costs and high production capacity, run your farm as a stand-alone or integrated business.

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Controlled Environment

Protection from pests or harsh weather conditions. Save up to 95% water vs traditional agriculture, with 0 pesticides.

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Explore Financing options

Ranging from loans to alternative financing, we help you finance the upfront cost for your Eden.

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Maximise Space & Energy Efficiency

Eden grows over 12x more than open field agriculture while using only 50% of the energy that other vertical farms consume.

Growing futures: Vertical farming for diverse industries.
We elevate communities, schools, and businesses through innovative vertical farming solutions that create healthy, local food ecosystems.
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We work with:
  • Schools & Universities
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Restaurants, Hotels & Food Services
  • Public Spaces & Communities

100 KG

Production capacity

365 Days

Grow all year long

Up to 40%

ROI / year

2-5 Years

Payback period

Eden brings a variety of benefits
Our hybrid vertical farms create a positive impact for people and planet
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