Growing Food for a Climate Resilient Future
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Bringing vertical farming wherever you need fresh food

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Smart Farms

Cost-efficient food production, harvest all year round and minimal maintenance.

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Food Security

Reliable production of local, fresh food regardless of seasons or supply chain disruptions.

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Controlled Environment

Protection from insects, animals or harsh weather conditions for healthier plants.

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Regenerative Spaces

Transform underused spaces into food growing hubs.


Less Land


Less Water


0 Chemicals


Lower Emissions

Own your vertical farm

Eden is our state-of-the art hybrid vertical farm, built in communities, for communities. Using both natural light and LEDs, Eden grows from Farm-to-Table all year long.

EDEN leverages controlled environment agriculture to transform underutilized spaces into efficient vertical farms.

 Image related to vertical farming practices or technology 3D printer Ortus farmwall from Raiz
Grow your ortus

Clean and delicious greens for you.
Raiz farmwall, Ortus, allows to grow your own food with zero efforts, all year long!

Book your farm visit

Curated vertical farming tours. Discover our farm in Lisbon to know more about urban agriculture or host your event.

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Join the evolution.
What's growing on?
Discover the latest about Raiz and the vertical farming world.
Meet the Raizers
Emiliano Gutierrez
Founder, traveller, doer. Global experience in Energy & Web3
 Lucia, a founder contributing to vertical farming innovations.
Lucia Salas
Global Marketer & trailblazer that gets things done.
 Photo of Simon, founder of a company in the vertical farming industry.
Simon Szalai
Software Engineer. Passionate about nature & Automation.
Image of Ines, a leader in the vertical farming sector.
Ines Barros
Award-winning Architect and designer. Loves innovation & biodesign.
Kitija, a grower specializing in vertical farming techniques.
Kitija Konosonoka
Head Grower
Passionate Agronomist. Dancing with plants.
Portrait of Yannick, a founder of a vertical farming startup.
Yannick Keyssner
Lead Engineer
Engineer with experience in renewable energies. All about sustainable realities.
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Celo brand logo, potentially related to vertical farming finance or technology.Techstars company logo, the world's most active pre seed investor, Raiz vertical farms investor